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Evolutionary Fitness changed my life 100%.
I was overweight and (treading water) at the gym and with my diet. Gerard completely changed my workout routine. Now I am excited to get to the gym. The workouts are fun, they keep me moving and times flies. I've never felt so strong. With these new workouts I spend LESS TIME at the gym and see AMAZING RESULTS. I couldn't ever imagine I would look like this, muscular and masculine. My wife won't stop touching me lol.I highly recommend the meal plans. The food is great and it makes me feel like superman. Each week I loss fat and gain muscle. 
I have to mention that Gerard is a genius. I strained a back muscle which was extremely painful. Gerard knew exactly how to fix it. He went out of his way to spend time helping me repair it. I am so excited to see my body become it's best! Evolutionary Fitness is the best!!!
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I trained with Gerard thrice a week. He is very patient and kind, he will push you to your limits so you can improve as an athlete. ( I die every after training with him) Whew. He is truly passionate about what he does, and really wants you to help achieve your goals whatever they are. And sometimes he would workout with you to keep you motivated. He’s amazing. He’ll show you how to do every workout safely and properly! I highly recommend him! All thanks to Gerard I’m finally in a workout routine!
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